Winter Clothing PLR 2018 (10 Articles + Tweets)

Winter Clothing PLR

Winter Clothing PLR 2018 (10 Articles + Tweets)

10 top quality Winter Clothing PLR Articles you can instantly use to grow your business.

Here are the topics included in the Winter Clothing PLR Articles Pack:

12 Tips for Refashioning Your Winter Wardrobe

Fairtrade, Ethical, Organic – What’s the Difference?

How Eco-Friendly Is Cotton?

How Eco-Friendly Is Wool?

How to Clean Your Coat at Home to Save on Dry Cleaning

How to Go Green with Your Winter Footwear

How to Make a New Winter Coat out of an Old One

Ten Sweater Upcycling Ideas

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Tips for Finding an Eco-Friendly Coat

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Winter Clothing PLR Sample

Article Title: Ten Sweater Upcycling Ideas

Wool is a wonderful winter fabric. It is warm, fashionable, and biodegradable if your sweater is in such bad shape that it can’t be rescued. But with most of us on a tight budget these days, any way you can get more out of your clothes is a bonus. Why not try sweater upcycling?

What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling is like recycling, only elevated. With upcycling, you are trying to create something even more fabulous than your original.

Dressing Up That Old Sweater

Here are four ways to make the most of an old sweater and disguise the wear on it.

1. Elbow and cuff patches

These are usually the first two areas that fray or get holes in them. Stitch around the edges of any hole just to make sure nothing keeps unraveling. Then sew on leather patches in a complementary or contrasting color.

2. Shoulder patches

There’s a reason military-issued sweaters often have these – it makes the garment last longer and prevents a lot of stretching. If the neck of your sweater is sagging or the shoulders are looking a bit thin, sew on leather or felt patches. Tighten up the neck by cutting a V at the shoulder seams and then sewing it back up before applying the patch.

3. Appliqué

Cover over holes or stains with appliqué. This works well on solid color. Use felt for a soft look and leather for a more edgy one. Choose colors that complement or strongly contrast the fabric of the sweater.

4. Shorten it

If your sweater has become so baggy that it is more like a dress than a sweater, you can shorten it by cutting it to about the right length. Then use knitting needles and yarn in a complementary or contrasting color to knit up the ends into the new waistband.

All New Looks

If your sweater is really at the end of its life as a garment, here are some quick and easy ways to upcycle it.

5. Cushion cover

Use the body of the sweater to make cushion covers if it is unstained and unfrayed. Tuck the pillow into the sweater and either fold the ends and sleeves over and pin them, or cut them off and stitch the cover to prevent unraveling.

6. Sleeve leg warmers

Use the removed sleeves as leg warmers.

7. A sweater skirt

Cut off the top of the sweater and sew an elastic waistband on it. You now have a warm, sleek and stylish pencil skirt.

8. Felting

Felt is made by taking a knitted wool item and placing in very hot water so that it shrinks so tightly that you can’t see the knit any more. Cut your sweater into patches of different sizes and use them to decorate other sweaters, cushion covers, boxes and more.

9. A sweater afghan

If you have several sweaters in complementary colors, cut the main body of each sweater into rectangles and stitch them together. Add fabric along the outer edge to stop those ends of the sweater panels from unraveling or curling. Use as a sofa throw or an afghan in a guest bedroom.

10. A sweater wreath

This is a great way to use up the sleeves of the sweaters you used to make the afghan. Get foam wreath rings from your local nursery and cover with the sleeves. Dress up the wreath with ribbon, pinecones, felted patches and so on.

Enjoy upcycling your old sweater with these tips. As well as getting a stylish new item, you will save money and cut down on landfill.


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