Pulses PLR 2020 (10 Articles + Tweets)

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Pulses PLR 2020 (10 Articles + Tweets)

10 top-quality Pulses PLR Articles you can instantly use for content creation. These PLR articles can be used to create a viral report, autoresponder, video scripts, etc.

Here are the topics included in the Pulses PLR Articles Pack:

Six Great Recipes with Pulses (528 words)

How to Cook Pulses Safely (578 words)

Popular Pulses and Ways to Eat Them (440 words)

Pulses Egg Substitute Tips (600 words)

Pulses Meat Substitute Tips (458 words)

Storage Tips for Pulses (485 words)

The Environmental Benefits of People Eating More Pulses and Beans (474 words)

The Eight Healthiest Pulses (631 words)

Tips for Dealing with Digestive Issues When Eating Beans (468 words)

What Are Pulses? (495 words)

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Pulses PLR Sample

Article Title: Pulses Egg Substitute Tips

One thing that pulses offer that makes them even more exciting is the ability to create an egg substitute that genuinely gives you options that you may not have thought you had when you went eggless. And even if you’re not eggless, you may want to try to use pulses in your recipes to replace eggs just because it tastes great.

Legume Proteins

Ingredients like soy protein isolate can work as an egg replacement in terms of helping bind and thicken ingredients. However, they’re more expensive options than eggs or some of the other egg substitute options. Having said that, they work best, which is why they’re used in manufacturing even if vegan isn’t the intended outcome. And while they’re mostly used in manufacturing, they’re starting to appear in specialty stores too.


This is a popular egg replacer that vegans like to use. It’s essentially the thick water that’s in the can with the beans. The liquid that is in the canned chickpeas is great for making meringue, mayonnaise, macarons, and other baked goods.

You can use the aquafaba that is in the canned beans, but you can make your own too. The one most people use in canned chickpeas, but technically you can use any the liquid from any type of legume. The reason people like the liquid from chickpeas is the color.

Use as an ingredient, but don’t try to eat it just as it is. Always choose unsalted beans for best results. If you do use the salted kind, just use less salt than your recipe calls for to adjust for flavor. It will not affect the outcome in any meaningful way. You can use it whipped or not whipped and – surprise – you don’t need to chill it to whip it. Just whip it with your high-speed stand mixer until it whips up. Be patient. It will take 10 minutes or more.

You can save the aquafaba from the can by pouring into an ice cube tray, freezing, then popping them out into another container. Just grab it and thaw it before you use it. It takes 2 to 3 tablespoons to replace an egg.

Pulse Flours

You can also use pulse flours in baking instead of egg whites or aquafaba. If you choose to use pulse flours in your baking to replace eggs, try using whole navy bean flour mixed with water. It’s the best vegan egg replacer out there for baking bread, cakes, cookies, and even as a binder for recipes like vegan meatballs.

Using plant-based alternatives to eggs in your cooking is a great way to cut down on the negative aspects of eggs while still enjoying the delicious dishes you’re used to having.

Some of the best pulse flours include pea hull fibers, whole or split yellow and green pea, navy, pinto, and black bean, chickpea, and all colors of lentil flour. The trick is to buy whole flours and not split ones.

To use as an egg replacer, you’ll need to mix the pulse flour with water to reconstitute. Usually, it is just equal amounts of flour and water. 1/4 cup flour and 1/4 cup water equal one egg.

To replace eggs in cooking, just make sure that you’re using the substitute that provides the nearest scientific reaction you’re looking for. Whether it’s binding, foaming, or flavor, using the right ingredient at the right time in the way the directions state is vital to ensure that your recipes turn out well. But don’t shy away from using these egg replacers because they’re amazing, healthy, and you’ll fall in love with them.


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