Money Management PLR 2019 (10 Articles + Tweets)

Money Management PLR

Money Management PLR 2019 (10 Articles + Tweets)

10 top-quality Money Management PLR Articles you can instantly use for content creation. Use the articles to create a viral report, autoresponder, video scripts, etc.

Here are the topics included in the Money Management PLR Articles Pack:

Nine Everyday Discounts You Don’t Want to Miss Out On (485 words)

12 Great Jobs for Retirees (705 words)

Holiday Tips for the Money-Savvy Retiree (443 words)

How to Set a Budget (588 words

Investment Tips for Retirees (527 words)

Making the Most of Your Health Insurance (626 words)

Tips on Being Tax Efficient with Your Savings (453 words)

Eight Tips on How to Sell Things You No Longer Need (528 words)

Ways to Make Money from Your Property (485 words)

Where to Get the Best Financial Advice (467 words)

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Money Management PLR Sample

Article Title: Making the Most of Your Health Insurance

Health insurance isn’t something most of us like to think about. It’s expensive, and it seems like it doesn’t even cover much. However, you can get the most out of your health insurance if you plan, are open to learning new things, and are willing to ask questions. Read on for some great tips.

* Make Sure You Have the Right Plan for Your Needs – Don’t choose the cheapest plan because you think you’re not sick. Look at each plan from the worst-case scenario in mind so that you get the plan that has the most coverage for you at a reasonable rate.

* Keep Informed about Your Plan – Always understand what your insurance costs, what it covers, and which doctors it covers. Understand the policy in terms of drug coverage, sickness coverage, and more. Read the entire thing from front to back.

* Call Customer Service – Anytime you’re not sure about something, always call them and find out an answer. You can also sign on to your account online to email them a question. This can be an excellent way to keep track of what they tell you in writing.

* Don’t Be Afraid to Question Charges – If you get a bill or charge, don’t be afraid to call your insurance company right away to question it. First, look up the information in your handbook or in your email that you have already discussed with them, so that you can familiarize yourself with it. Some companies turn down all first requests for certain services.

* Always Appeal “No” Answers – If your insurance company rejects a service to you, don’t take it the first time. Instead, find more people to advocate for you, including doctors. And if you have to, find an attorney to help navigate your policy.

* Read Every Single Statement – Just like your credit card statement, it’s imperative that you read every statement from your various doctors and health care providers and match them with statements from the insurance company.

* Use Only In-Network Providers – Out of network often costs much more, and some companies will not pay for it at all. Therefore, always check with your insurance company and the doctor to be sure they are in-network.

* Know Your Maxed-Out Number – Everyone has a maxed out-of-pocket number that is important to know. If you realize you’re going to get to that number early in the year and if you need other procedures done that you’ve put off, now is the time to go crazy and get it all done less expensively.

* Use Your Discounts and Benefits – Read your policy in full to find out what is free. Every insurance offers some sort of discount or other benefit you may not even realize you have, such as discounts on gym membership and so forth.

* Use All Preventative Screenings Covered and Freebies Offered – Under the ACA plan, many preventative tests and care are free. For example, women can get yearly pap tests free, and many immunizations are free too.

* Known When Open Enrollment Is Each Year – Every single year, you’ll have to re-enroll in your current plan to keep it. But you may want to take each enrollment period to check whether you can find a better choice elsewhere.

Health insurance is one of your most essential products. The main reason is that just one small thing can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could be in a wreck, fall while walking, or even be a victim of a crime and still be on the hook for even millions of dollars. But if you have the right insurance, know your policy, and you’re not afraid to advocate for yourself, you can make the most of your health insurance.


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