How To Sell PLR Contents In 5 Easy Steps

How To Sell PLR Contents In 5 Easy Steps

Anyone who is in internet business might somehow receive one or more PLR products as a sign-up incentive or bonus item came with the product purchased. Most of the people who get the PLR products stop at after browse through it and just let it idle in their hard drive and forget all about it. If that sounds a little too familiar, don’t worry – you’re going to learn how to get those PLR products up and make money for you. Here are the 5 steps on how to sell PLR Contents.

Step 1. Modify the PLR Products to make it unique

One of the main concerns with PLR product is everyone who buys it gets exactly the same content. Imagine if all 15 buyers use the same stock sales page and graphics on their site, it may end up with creating a “price war” to get the sales.

To avoid situations like this, you can simply give some “touch up” on the PLR products, such as get some new graphic for the product and make some changes on the sales letter, especially in the headline and sub-headlines. This will make your offer stand out from others.

Step 2. Set up your sales page

There are few ways to do this, most of the PLR products that come with resell rights have included sales page. You just have to upload the sales page to your server, together with download page and any other files that are related to the PLR products.

You can also simply resell it in your blog.

If you prefer to set up a new website for selling this, try to get a “perfect” domain name for your new site, domain names that contain targeted keywords help to gain higher rankings from search engines. You can check if your new domain name is available at places like

Step 3. Set Up Your Payment Processor

You’ll need a payment processor to process your customers’ payments and forward them to the download page after they make a payment. Here are some order processors for your reference:

– Clickbank

– Paypal

– Nanacast

– Paydotcom

If you already have a shopping cart system on your website, just use it. If not, you can just set up a simple Paypal payment button on the sales page to process the order and payment.

Step 4. Connect the buyers to your Autoresponder

It’s always a good idea to build a list of buyers when you’re selling something, and PLR business is no different. Set up a new list in your autoresponder by putting up an opt-in form on the download page or configure your shopping cart to add buyers automatically.

If you intend to use an opt-in form on the download page, offering a bonus can help to get more people to opt-in.

Step 5. Send Traffic To The Sales Page

Once the sales funnel system is set up, you can start to send traffic to the sales page to get more orders. Here are some of the methods you can use:

– Advertisement

– Send a promotion to your existing email list

– Share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.

As simple as you read, these are the 5 steps to start making money with PLR products rather than let them sit on your hard drive and collect “virtual dust” 🙂

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