How to Leverage Social Media to Make Money Online

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How to Leverage Social Media to Make Money Online

Social media is one of the biggest parts of making money online. Every website that you visit for Internet Marketing advice will encourage you to use social media. But even with all of the information out there, people are still using social media inappropriately. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to use social media to make money on the internet.

Use Facebook Groupssocial media

If you aren’t using Facebook groups to promote your business, then you are missing out on a huge feature on the social media platform. Facebook groups are designed to build online communities and becoming part of a community means that you have instant rapport and close influence on the members of that group.

Use “look-alike” ads

This is something that Facebook has started doing to make marketing more effective for their advertisers. Look-alike ads are ads that are specifically designed for a certain audience. These ads are matched with the perfect customer and designed so that that customer will respond to them.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most underused features of the platform, which is strange considering that it has evolved to be one of the biggest social media sites of the modern age. Instagram is used by many because everyone takes pictures, but businesses that combine product images with the Instagram stories feature do see a great deal more engagement and success.

Use the ad tools offered by LinkedIn

This resume site has some pretty incredible advertising tools, not to mention lots of groups and ways to target specific audiences. The ad tools are something relatively new and are just another way that LinkedIn is trying in order to compete with some of the other social media networks out there. A couple of examples include the ability to collect leads from the LinkedIn news feed and the ability to use retargeted ads.

Use YouTube to promote gated content

There are a lot of people who use YouTube every day so uploading your videos is a smart idea no matter what. But one of the ways that you can best leverage YouTube is to use videos to draw in traffic for gated content on your main website. Because YouTube is part of Google, there are many advertising policies that most people don’t even consider.