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Here are the topics included in this Infographics PLR:

  1. Eight Examples of Great Uses of Infographics (497 words)
  2. Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an Infographic (547 words)
  3. Optimizing Infographics on Mobile (525 words)
  4. Steps to Designing an Effective Infographic (569 words)
  5. The Best Tools for Producing Infographics (Including Free Tools) (666 words)
  6. Using Infographics for Your Content Marketing (502 words)
  7. Using Infographics to Get Leads from Your Website (682 words)
  8. Ways to Get an Infographic to Go Viral (677 words)
  9. Ways to Use an Infographic That You May Not Have Thought Of (583 words)
  10. Why Infographics Work (510 words)

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Eight Examples of Great Uses of Infographics

An infographic that is well designed will be easy to understand at a glance. The entire point of creating an infographic is to give the consumer a way to digest a lot of information quickly without misunderstanding. That is why the best infographics are either data or information centered.

If you have a lot of information to impart, you can use an infographic to show it. Let’s look at some examples of great uses of infographics.

1. Explain a Difficult Concept – There are some things that are just very difficult to understand when read without a pictorial demonstration. But when pictured, the mind understands it and the reader can move on to grasp more of what you’re trying to tell them.

2. Visualize Data-Rich Information – Anytime you have a lot of numbers, a great way to display them is with images in an infographic format. For example, you can use an infographic to show in a graphic way formulas that students need to use often. Or you can pull data from a report to show it visually.

3. Educate and Informs on a Topic – Whether it’s cooking or woodworking, a great way to educate and inform anyone on a topic is to include an infographic. When your audience pictures the information, they’re going to be more likely to remember it.

4. Build Brand Awareness – Have you been successful with your business? If so, you can create an infographic using the data that you have, such as how much you typically increase return on investment for your clients, or how many five-star reviews you’ve received, and more.

5. Provide Inbound Links – When you create shareable infographics correctly, they’ll provide inbound links to your website. These types of links are useful to help attract more audience members from the people who shared it with their audience.

6. A Terrific Recruiting Tool – Need to fill a vacancy? Instead of a boring job ad, why not create a viral infographic that will be shared far and wide, which describes the perfect person for your position so you can find just the right candidate.

7. To Present Survey Data – If you conduct a survey among your customers or audience, a great way to present the results is via an infographic. That way you can tell a pictorial story about the survey and help your audience reach the right conclusions.

8. Create How-To Information – If you want to teach your audience to do something, why not create an infographic that explains how to do it. You can do a lot of things, from how to finish wood, how to create homemade green products, or how to make drinks. Anything really.

Since infographics are about 30 times more likely to be read and looked at by your audience over text articles, it makes sense to include them as part of your content strategy. Don’t replace data-centric articles with infographics; instead, add to them so that you can increase understanding, engage, and demonstrate difficult concepts.


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