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Health PLR Bundle (11 Health PLR Reports + 70 Health PLR Articles)

This Health PLR Bundle is ONLY for Personal Use Rights.

If you are looking for the quality reports to be given away as a sign-up freebie or as a viral report to promote your Health-Related business, here is a good content pack you must not miss.

You can edit the content as your wish to meet your needs except for reselling them.

Here are the topics included:

11 PLR Report:

  1. Creating a Healthy Home Environment
  2. Guide to Beating Colds and Flu Naturally
  3. Home Remedies for Everything
  4. How To Raise Healthy Kids For Life
  5. How to Reduce the Pollutants in Your Home
  6. Natural Cures to Help This Allergy Season
  7. Natural Eating
  8. Budget-Friendly Stress-Busting Ideas for Mom
  9. Stress Management
  10. The Mind-Body Connection
  11. Understanding Antioxidants and Free Radicals

70 Health PLR Articles:

  1. 3 Ways to Instantly Relax and Decrease Stress
  2. 10 Things You Can Do With Baking Soda
  3. 10 Tips That Will Improve Your Health at Work
  4. 10 Tips That Will Improve Your Immune System
  5. 15 Summertime Health Concerns and How to Prevent Them
  6. A Calm Mind Is A Healthy Mind
  7. Alternative Cures for the Flu
  8. Back To School Health Concerns
  9. Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips and a Checklist
  10. Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips and a Checklist
  11. Benefits of Protein-Rich Breakfasts
  12. Seven Benefits of Spring Cleaning
  13. Boost Your Health With These Five Super Spices
  14. Building a Healthy Immune System
  15. Can Your House Be Too Clean?
  16. Cat’s Claw: An Herb of Distinction
  17. Top Three Cleaning Secrets from the Pros
  18. Eat Well to Avoid Cold and Flu
  19. First Aid Kit Essential Checklist
  20. Travel First Aid 101
  21. Five Things You Can Do with Tea Tree Oil
  22. Food Storage and Safety at Home
  23. Healthy Home: Take Toxins out of Your Kitchen
  24. Eight Healthy Superfoods to Add to Your Child’s Lunch
  25. Herbal Remedies for the Flu
  26. Herbs that are Naturally Anti-Viral
  27. Homeopathic Healing
  28. How to Bolster your Flu and Cold Defenses
  29. How to Break Your Child’s Nose Picking Habit
  30. How to Fight Flu with Vitamin D
  31. How to Keep Bugs and Viruses at Bay
  32. How to Know If Your Emotions Are Affecting Your Health
  33. How to Soothe a Sore Throat Naturally
  34. Is it Really Clean if this is All I Need?
  35. Keeping Babies and Young Children Safe from Influenza
  36. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Bathroom Cleaners
  37. Natural Cold Cures
  38. Natural Flu and Cold Remedies
  39. Natural Flu Remedies
  40. Natural Immune Boosters for Flu Season
  41. Natural Remedies for Sore Throats
  42. Natural versus Store Bought Disinfectants
  43. Natural Ways to Fight Off Superbugs
  44. New Habits for a Clean House
  45. Nutritional Supplements to Help Prevent Illness and Disease
  46. Peppermint: More Beneficial Than Chewing Gum
  47. Preventing Influenza from Spreading
  48. Eight Reasons Why You Should Always Have Fresh Lemons on Hand
  49. Seniors: How to Cut Prescription Costs
  50. Staying Healthy when Traveling Abroad
  51. Surprising Simple Living Health Benefits
  52. Tamiflu
  53. The Common Cold – What Your Body Goes Through
  54. The Difference between Colds and Flu
  55. The Flu – What Is It Really?
  56. The Importance of Healthy Eating
  57. The Pros and Cons of Antibacterial Soaps and Sprays
  58. The Stomach Flu Verses the Other Flu
  59. The Symptoms and Treatment of Strep Throat
  60. Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy This School Year
  61. Tips to Ward off Future Illnesses
  62. To Daycare or Use a Private Sitter, That Is the Question
  63. Top Tips for Eating More Fruit and Vegetables and Boosting Your Immune System
  64. Top Tips to Prevent Colds and the Flu
  65. Treating the Stomach Flu
  66. Understanding Probiotics
  67. The Best Ways to Use Vinegar in Your Cleaning
  68. Using Essential Oils to Clean and Disinfect
  69. Using Steam: Cleaning without Cleaners
  70. What Are the Most Common Illnesses in School Children?
  71. When Is It a Good Idea to Supplement with Vitamins?

4 Bonus Slideshows:

  1. Boosting the Immune System
  2. 10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work
  3. Improve Your Digestive Health
  4. Reducing Allergy Symptoms

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