Gaming PLR 2019 (10 Articles + Tweets)

Gaming plr

Gaming PLR 2019 (10 Articles + Tweets)

10 top-quality Gaming PLR Articles you can instantly use for content creation. Use the articles to create a viral report, autoresponder, video scripts, etc.

Here are the topics included in the Gaming PLR Articles Pack:

Gaming Terminology Explained (463 words)

How to Help Your Child Stay Safe Online (638 words)

How to Help Your Child Understand Age Restriction Limits on Games (516 words)

Signs That Your Child May Be Bullied Online and What to Do About It (850 words)

The Positive Effects of Gaming (564 words)

Tips on How to Find Out More About What Your Child Is Doing (641 words)

Tips on How to Set Boundaries on Gaming Time (731 words)

What Are Kids Doing When They’re Gaming? (539 words)

Why Is Gaming So Addictive? (534 words)

Why Is Gaming So Popular? (450 words)

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Gaming PLR Sample

Article Title: Why Is Gaming So Addictive?

Gaming is just another hobby in most cases. However, because of how these online games work, they are naturally more addictive than some other types of games. They are designed to be addictive because the makers want more players and they want long-term players ready to pay more money for the next version of the game. In fact, almost 9 percent of all children who are currently playing video games are addicted. Because of this, it helps to understand what makes the games so addictive.

* They Are Designed to Be Addictive – All games use feedback loops that give you a boost of adrenalin or other hormones that make you feel great. A feedback loop can be as simple as showing your score, popping up a “good job” message, or giving you more abilities in the game. All of this together makes the game naturally addictive.

* They Are Challenging – Most games that kids like are relatively challenging. They make the games challenging based on your skill level and then the challenge gets harder as the skill level increases. This makes the child more likely to want to keep playing because while the game is challenging, they know that with enough practice they can beat it.

* They Are Rewarding – When you win in a game, it rewards you automatically. Even if you just go through one more level, you get bells, rings, points, and other feedback that helps you want to do it again and again.

* They Are Exciting – Let’s face it; games are exhilarating, and today many of them have such amazing graphics that they look fascinating and real. A new game is very exciting for gamers because of the new challenge.

* Hormones Are Released – When you do something that makes you feel good, or excited, or even calm, hormones are released into your bloodstream. People can become addicted to that just as they can to illegal or prescription drugs that make them feel good.

* There Is a Community Component – The one thing that many don’t realize is that when you are a gamer, you are part of a community that you don’t want to leave. This is true for many types of activities that have community. It’s always hard to leave your community.

* Games Feed Your Ego – For some people, being really good at gaming can really feed their ego. If they haven’t found success elsewhere too, it’s easy to turn to gaming to get that feeling back.

* Something Is Happening Outside of the Game – Some kids are addicted to games only due to avoiding and escaping what’s happening outside of the game. That might be to do with having issues at school, with friends, or even with their family.

Gaming addiction is not much different from a gambling addiction. Some people who are addicted to gaming move on to get addicted to games of chance if they think there is a skill involved. This is something to watch out for in your child. But not everyone who plays a lot of games is an addict, so keep the lines of communication open with your child so that you don’t jump to conclusions on this issue.


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