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 Facebook Marketing – Is It Worth My Time? (502 words)

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 Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Results From Your Facebook Marketing Efforts (567 words)

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 Understanding Edgerank To Increase The Visibility Of Your Facebook Page (554 words)

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Article title: Facebook Marketing – Is It Worth My Time?

Some marketing techniques are little more than flash in the pan fallacies. Here today, gone tomorrow and barely worth the effort. And then there’s Facebook marketing.

Now, unless you’ve been buried deep within a bunker with thick cotton wool stuffed in your ears for the last decade or so, you’ve almost certainly heard of Facebook. It’s the social networking site where people can become friends with each other, post comments and statuses, add pictures, play games and a whole lot more. You could be forgiven for arguing that all this doesn’t sound very business like, but you’d be devastatingly wrong – I guarantee that almost EVERY potential client, no matter what your niche, is on Facebook, and if you can friend them you will have their attention.

Before we get into the mechanics of Facebook marketing, here are some tasty factual molecules to show you the epic power that Facebook advertising can provide:

  • Facebook has an enviable 900 million active users on its books. To put that in some form of perspective, were Facebook a country it would be the third largest populated country in the world, trailing only China and India. The growth in numbers of active accounts is rather sensational when you think that in 2011 Facebook only had 680 million active users.
  • According to comScore, Facebook is the most popular social network in every country of the world with the exception of China, Poland, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Vietnam.
  • Facebook burps out over 300 million photos each and every day, along with over 3 billon likes and comments.
  • There are over 9 million Facebook based apps floating about.
  • Facebook ads have a 35% lower cost per conversion than other mainstream online advertising methods collated into an average.
  • The frequency of use for Facebook users is also freakishly high, with over 50% of active users logging into their Facebook account on a daily basis.
  • The average Facebook user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and vents.
  • Each month, Facebook gets 500 million users who log in via mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • In 2010, Facebook leapt over traditional net giant Google and now sees more traffic than Google. For advertisers this is quite an important fact, given that average keyword costs on Facebook are still lower than the comparable Google AdWords bids.
  • While FB has already grown by leaps and bounds, it still has a lot of people (about 6 billion) to tap into, so the growth potential is actually still massive.

The simple fact is Facebook has, and will continue to change the way businesses do their marketing. It is almost impossible for any serious business to ignore Facebook, for no other reason than everybody, including your and my clients, spend a ton of time on it. This might just be perfectly highlighted by the last fact that I’ll leave you with – We all spend an average of 16 minutes each and every day on Facebook.


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