eCourse Publishing Tips – 100 Techniques (MRR eBook)

ecourse publishing tips

eCourse Publishing Tips – 100 Techniques to increase your traffic, sales and affiliate commissions!

ecourse publishing tips

This ebook will give you 100 eCourse publishing techniques. They will help you successfully publish follow-up autoresponder eCourses that you can use as freebies or paid products.

They will persuade people to subscribe to your opt-in list. Plus it will show you how to increase your traffic, sales and affiliate commissions.

Check out 5 eCourse Publishing Tips from the eBook:

1) Your eEourse header could be ‘Thanks For Opting In To This (subject) eCourse! ‘. Add affiliate ads in your eCourse. Plus you can state ‘Visit these other articles: ‘ and include your affiliate link.

2) Your message line may be ‘Here Is The 2 Of 5 Part Of Your (subject) eCourse! ‘. Insert affiliate signs up offers in your automated content. And you might mention ‘View these related audios: ‘ and publish your coded URL.

3) Your e-mail header can be ‘Here Is The Second Part Of Your (subject) Ecourse! ‘. Furnish alerts./breaking news in your Internet e-class. Also, you could say ‘See these comparable authors: ‘ and provide your reseller link.

4) Your subject line might be ‘Here Is Part 2 Of Your (subject) Ecourse! ‘. Publish automotive content in your autoreponder class. Plus you may recite ‘Read these similar blogs: ‘ and add your JV partner URL.

5) Your eCourse header could be ‘Here Is The No.2 Part Of Your (subject) Ecourse! ‘. Write babies/pregnancy content in your follow up lesson. And you can utter ‘Buy these resembling blueprints: ‘ and furnish your commission link.


Submitted: 17 Mar 2016

Product License: Master Resale Rights

Terms and Conditions:

[YES] Can be sold

[YES] Can be used for personal use

[YES] Can be packaged with other products

[YES] Can modify the sales letter and put your name on it

[YES] Can be added into paid membership websites

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus

[YES] Can be used to build a list

[YES] Can print/publish offline

[YES] Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights/ Resale Rights/ Master Resale Rights

[NO] Can modify/change the main product

[NO] Can modify/change the graphics and eCover

[NO] Can be given away for free

[NO] Can be added to free membership websites

[NO] Can convey and sell Private Label Rights