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online promotion tips

Are You Ready To Help Your Subscribers Learn Valuable Online Promotion Information, Tips & Techniques For Their Business?

The Easy Online Promotion Prompts Newsletter will provide them with proven, effective information, tips and techniques that will help them learn how to promote their business, products and services online!

They learn things like:

 How you can use online promotion techniques to get more exposure for your business, products and services.

 Simple and effective online promotional techniques that you can start using right away to increase your profits.

 Simple tips that will help you develop a killer online promotional strategy.

 How the proper research can help you take your promotions to the next level.

 How you can use social media to increase the success of your promotional campaigns.

What you get in the Easy Online Promotion Tips Newsletter Pack:

 12 part of pre-written newsletter content

4 suggested Clickbank affiliate products (just add in the ID and you are ready to promote them through the newsletter publishes)

 1 ready to go squeeze page

 1 thank you page

 Complete set of graphics

Easy Online Promotion Tips Newsletter Work Sample

Message # 1

Subject line: Your First Easy Online Promotion Prompts Issue

Hello “autoresponder code here”,

Welcome to the first Easy Online Promotion Prompts.

In each issue of Easy Online Promotion Prompts for busy online entrepreneurs, you will learn valuable information that introduces you to various online promotion methods that you can implement right away to get more exposure and customers for your business. In this issue, we are going to go over a few of the basic methods of online promotion so that you can become familiar with them.

If you are an entrepreneur or have a small business that you are actively trying to promote, then there is no doubt that you will be able to capitalize on the many different forms of online advertising available. These methods include search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, online newsletters, and website advertising.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site more easily found by search engines. These search engines send out spiders, which scan your page for content and keywords. They then use this information to rank your website on their result pages. This way when consumers use the search engine to find information about a particular topic, product or service they are presented with relevant options to choose from.

SEO can be challenging. The ultimate goal is to get your webpages listed on the first page of the search engine results. In order to achieve this you must maintain a good balance of keywords in the content of your site. Using the same word too many times can get you excluded from the listings; so don’t stuff your page with the same keyword over and over. It won’t help you in get a high ranking. Instead, put carefully chosen keywords in the title tag of your webpage, in the headings, and in the major paragraphs.

Next we have one of the more popular and successful forms of online promotion. Sending out an email newsletters and promotions. All you need to do is offer to send the visitors to your website a free newsletter each month when they give you their email addresses. This is a great way to promote your business because you are reaching the same person repeatedly.

Every time you send out a newsletter or promotion you are giving the recipient another chance to take advantage of your products and services. The best part is that you can eventually get hundreds or thousands of people to sign up for you newsletter. Just make sure that you are sending them a quality content each that is professionally written. If you’re not a writer, then you can hire someone to perform this task for you.

There is also pay per click advertising (PPC). In case you aren’t familiar with PPC it is an ad service offered by companies like Google Adwords and Facebook. It is a great way to promote your business because you can start seeing results right away. The way they work is simple. The ad-serving network will put your ad on the search results or participating websites that are relevant to your site based on the keywords that you chose to target. Whenever a person clicks on one of your ads, you will have to pay a small fee, usually a few cents or more depending again on the keywords you’re bidding on.

With this method, you don’t have to worry about being charged too much because you set your own monthly budget and once that runs out your ads will stop being shown for the remainder of the month.

The last method we are going to discuss is website advertising. Many content-based websites sell very inexpensive ad space. This can be in the form of banner or contextual ads. When advertising on someone else’s website, do your best to pick a site that is relevant to the product or services you are advertising without being a direct competitor. This way you can get you ad in front of consumers who are interested in what you have to offer.

With this type of advertising you can go directly to the website, you want to advertise on or you can go through and ad severing network similar to Google Adwords. Perform a search for “online advertising networks” and you will find a wide variety of options.

Here are a couple places you can check out to help you get a better understanding of how these networks function.

Clicksor – This site will display your clickable text or advertising banners on the relevant websites and blogs for you: http://www.clicksor.com/advertisers

Advertise.com – They offer tailored digital advertising solutions to increase your conversions, develop brand awareness, and build your targeted traffic:


Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about few more fundamentals of promoting your business, products or services online.

Thank you again for joining,

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Submitted: 06 May 2015

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