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discount sites review plr

Discount Sites Review PLR

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discount sites review plr

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Article title: LivingSocial Review

Description: LivingSocial is a daily deals website that comes up with great bargains once per day for its members. Read on to find out how it works.

LivingSocial was launched in 2008 as a daily deals website to its users who have subscribed via email. When a deal is purchased, the members are sent vouchers on the following business day to redeem their purchase. Additionally, members can then send links to any of their contacts and if 3 people get the deal then the original sender gets it for free.

You can access their services through the Internet or through your smart phone.


Today’s deals — This section has all the latest deals for each day. The deals are divided up by location so it targets the ones near you.

Nationwide deals — This section has deals for the entire country, such as furniture, appliances, clothing and accessories.

Families — This section of LivingSocial is designed to find deals for the entire family, such as art classes, yoga classes, amusement parks, zoos and aquariums.

At home — This section of the site is designed for people who are at home, such as furniture, services for beauty products and eating out.

Escapes — The escapes section is designed for those looking for deals on short weekend vacations and as such gives discounts on hotels and B&Bs.

Adventures — Designed for the travelers, the adventures section will let you find deals on longer trips that involve travel across the country or even internationally.

Takeout & delivery — This section is designed for those looking for food, restaurants and going out.

Gifts — You can also buy gifts for your friends and family, which you can print and deliver yourself, send by customized email or have gift wrapped and mailed.

Across North America — LivingSocial has deals in many cities across the United States and also most of the major cities in Canada.

Refund policy — If you change your mind about a deal within 5 days, then you can be refunded fully by returning the voucher.

LivingSocialPlus — A premium membership program that gives access to unique and special deals.


LivingSocial does not cost anything up front. You simply sign up for your daily deals with your email address. The only thing you pay is the price of the actual deal itself.

For merchants, LivingSocial splits the revenue 50/50 with them. So if a coupon for a restaurant was sold for $40, then LivingSocial will take $20 for itself.

If you want to sign up for the LivingSocial Plus package to get extra perks every month, then this will cost you $20/month.


LivingSocial is a great service if you regularly use coupons and want to find discounts in your area. It’s also a good service for people who are clever and like to “coupon hop”, finding a variety of services that they can use or goods that they can buy.

The deals are relevant to many things going on in the city that you live in and you can often find great bargains not only on goods and services, but for entertainment and shows as well, including travel.


The trouble with LivingSocial might come more for businesses. Many businesses expect that clients who use the coupons on LivingSocial will become long term loyal fans of their business, but more often than not they are only there to “coupon hop” and come with unrealistic expectations. This has caused some businesses to end up with bad reviews and in addition, the 50% fee for businesses seems to be more expensive than most are willing to agree to.


LivingSocial can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your random experience. You can find good deals on many products and services in your area and both clients and businesses have reported successes. On the other hand, some people did not like their experience with the service and found it too expensive.


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