Diabetes and You Newsletter (12 Issues)

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

The 12 Issues of Diabetes Autoresponder will show you proven and effective methods that you can use to identify and manage the signs and the symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of DiabetesYou learn things like:

What exactly is diabetes and how can it affect your body? You may be surprised to find out.

What is the difference between the three types of diabetes and why it’s so important that you know?

What are the subtle warning signs of diabetes and what
should you do if you think you are at risk?

What is Pre-diabetes and its symptoms? Learn why if you’re diagnosed with it time may be of the essence.

The common myths about diabetes. When you know the truth, it may help you keep it away for years.

Why exercising is so important to controlling your diabetes and helping you reduce many potential health problems.

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Diabetes Autoresponder Work Sample

Message #  1

Subject line: Your First Diabetes and You Newsletter

Hello “autoresponder code here”,

Welcome to your first Diabetes and You issue.

Each informative issue of Diabetes and You will provide you with valuable information that will help you learn how to identify and manage the signs and symptoms of diabetes. In its first issue were going to talk about what diabetes is and what it can do to your body.

Just about everywhere you turn you will hear the word diabetes. Whether it is from a commercial on the TV or radio, at school or at work, it  is quickly becoming something that you hear about all the time. In recent times, it is being discovered in people of all ages and in all races, including children.

You may have also heard that it is being described as an epidemic, too. It has become widespread and seems to be on the rise. Chances are you probably already know someone who has one of the three different types of diabetes.

One reason that diabetes is affecting more people and becoming more widespread is because it is a disease that it partly caused by consuming high levels of sugar. When you consider the fact that sugar is now in much of what we eat, this shouldn’t be hard to understand.

Diabetes is basically a quiet disease. There is no pain associated with it, and the symptoms may not be all that serious at the start. This leads people to often conclude that it is not so bad. The and result from this assumption is that more often than not, nothing is done to prevent it even when people have been warned in advance by their doctor.

Don’t make that mistake. Diabetes is very serious because it creates long term problems that are very detrimental if left unmanaged and the same bad habits are continued. This makes it a serious threat from the outset if you want  to avoid the trouble that will come along with having diabetes.

So, what is it that makes diabetes such a health risk? Basically diabetes is the result of insulin problems and is caused by the body’s inability to either develop enough insulin, or to be able to use the insulin that it does produce. Insulin is a natural hormone produced by your body and it is given the task of taking the sugars you consume and turning it into energy that the body can use.

Diabetes results in too much sugar in the bloodstream. When the insulin is not able or if there is not enough, for one reason or another, to be able to handle the sugar that you eat, then that results in too much sugar being left in your bloodstream.

Normally, insulin enables the sugars to go from your bloodstream into the various tissues surrounding your blood vessels. This gives those tissues energy to be able to adequately carry out their normal functions when needed. When insulin is not properly handling the sugar in the blood, two things occur:

– The sugar remains in the bloodstream.

– The energy does not get to the needed cells.

A lack of energy being transferred to those tissues results in general tiredness. Left unmanaged diabetes results in damage to your organs. The excess amounts of sugar will cause other problems in your body. Since higher levels of sugar in the bloodstream are not normal (or desirable), it results in some of your organs being damaged over time. The organs that are most susceptible to damage are:

– The eyes

– The kidneys

– The nerves

– The blood vessels.

Although this damage may not be fast, or even noticeable, it still is slowly occurring. Then, when it is suddenly noticed, the damage is already underway. There are several other symptoms that your body will experience when you have diabetes, including excessive urination, poor wound healing, infections, ulcers and other damaging in effects that can even lead to loss of limbs.

We will talk more about symptoms of diabetes yet another issue. Until then if you feel, you may be at risk for diabetes schedule appointment with doctor to be tested.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about the differences between the three types of diabetes.

Thank you again for joining,

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