Can You Sell Content You’ve Already Published?

PLR Business Q & A #2

Can You Sell Content You’ve Already Published?

Now this is a question that certainly piqued my interest. I have a ton of content I’ve created, sitting around, not doing much for me, but now I see a way to turn it into another revenue stream. Pay close attention to this one.

From Alice and Ron:

Here’s another great question we’ve received about selling PLR content that we wanted to share with you.

“Can you sell content you’ve already published?”

You’ll be glad to hear the answer is a resounding, HECK YES!

And the best part is, this kind of content often sells better than content you create specifically to sell as PLR. Let us explain…

Whenever Alice is set to retire an information product, she packages it into a PLR product that her customers can then turn into a product, use as free online content and more. She does the same with old blog posts. Yes, the content has to be evergreen or it needs to updated so it’s current, but it’s small work compared to creating a product from scratch.

She then makes sure to tell her customers that it’s previously published content. Not just for full disclosure, but so they know it’s premium content, personally written by Alice. And if it’s an information product that was already proven to sell, they jump at the opportunity to buy rights at a fraction of the normal cost to create a similar product themselves.

As long as you created the content yourself or have full rights to sell the content as PLR, you can absolutely sell previously published content. And you can start doing that today easily.

This is one of things Alice and Ron talk about in their Content Cash Flow training, so if you’ve got content sitting around and you’d like to turn it into some income, join us. We’ll talk about how to prepare your content and turn it into a PLR product, how to sell it effectively and more.

This is limited training and personal guidance you won’t find elsewhere, so don’t miss it.

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