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  1. Baby Bottle Usage and Storage – The Basics (522 words)
  2. Baby Development – Letting Your Baby Enjoy Your Touch (650 words)
  3. Baby Tooth Care (766 words)
  4. Breast Milk – Safely Storing It for Later (564 words)
  5. Choosing the Best Diaper for Your Baby (550 words)
  6. Choosing the Right Formula for Your Baby (583 words)
  7. Getting Baby to Sleep – What Is the Best Way? (821 words)
  8. Newborn Care – It Doesn’t Have to Be Scary (760 words)
  9. Safety for Baby’s Bath Time (544 words)
  10. Soothing Music for A Fussy Baby (542 words)

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Baby Development – Letting Your Baby Enjoy Your Touch

It is the primary belief in many eastern countries that humanity is composed by shards broken from one single soul. This means that every person on this earth holds a piece of the big picture, and humanity itself. What does this concept show us?

It does not matter what religion or belief system you look at. Humanity is viewed as a whole, and in some way, every person is connected in some way. Laws of attraction claim that all humans are connected to each other biologically, to the world in a chemical way, and to the universe at birth. Therefore, it does not matter what our personal beliefs are, a single concept holds true. Each and every person lives and thrives through the power of connecting with others.

The problem with the way hectic life currently runs is that we feel as though we should live independently from the rest of society. We take the time to interact with others on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, we wonder off into our own space alone. This may suffice if you live completely on your own. As a parent, you must change this view on life. You are now responsible for the life of another person. You child is not able to act on their own, and it is your responsibility to consider their personal and social needs.

A parent’s basic instincts lead them to providing basic necessities for their child, like food, clothing, and shelter. However, a child needs more than necessities, their basic biology benefits from the power of touch. This is why doctors spend so much time urging mothers with babies who are premature to provide skin to skin contact. The power of skin to skin contact provides power, energy, and overall health. The power of hugging allows a connection and a bond to develop, which is important to human wellbeing, even as an adult. As a parent, it is important for you to provide that bond for your baby.

There have been numerous studies showing the benefits provided to babies who grow up in families who respect the power of touch. These individuals grow up to happier, healthier, more successful people. A simple hug can make a huge difference in the way a person looks at life. Hugs connect people in ways that time and space cannot substitute. With the love of two arms wrapped around your baby’s body, you can develop a deep, meaningful relationship that molds their life into a positive existence.

For some people, hugging is not an easy task. It is important to realize that touch is one of the five senses. A touch serves as a way to serve cognitive needs and make yourself familiar with the world around you. It allows you to experience a richer, more spiritual experience in life. Touch is so powerful that an entire career manifested from it. Touch therapists prove that it opens the world up to people and greatly benefits their health.

With a baby, touch is a form of communication that extends beyond verbal communication and body language. Words only go so far when it comes to communication. Physical communication is a way to send a message through your body’s energy. A small embrace allows you to send love from your body to your baby’s body.

In the first years of life, stress associated with various aspects of life does develop. It is up to parent to teach their child coping mechanisms and show them support through trying times. Reinforcing to your child that you are there and they can call out for you, and reach for you in a moment of need. In times of childhood stress, there is no better cure for a child’s problems than a hug. Just try it for yourself. Turn to your partner and give them a big hug, you will instantly feel better.


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