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Acne PLR Mega Pack (180 Acne and Skin Care PLR Articles + 5 eBooks)

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Acne PLR Article Sample #1

Article Title: Acne skin care

Acne is defined as a diseased condition of the skin that involves the hair and oil glands. It is characterised by pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts. Face acne can spoil your appearance to a great extent and body acne can really ruin your day by making you very uncomfortable. Considering acne as a minor problem, some people tend to totally discard the topic of ‘Acne skin care’. However, the importance of ‘Acne skin care’ cannot be undermined in any way. 

Acne skin care should really start much before the acne actually appears. ‘Acne skin care’ is more about being proactive than reactive. Acne skin care is about being aware of preventive measures. Acne skin care is – following daily skin care routines with complete discipline.  So let’s have a look at how ‘acne skin care’ can be applied to our daily routine.

‘Acne skin care’ starts with the most basic thing – cleanliness. So morning showers are the most basic way of keeping the skin clean. In fact, a lot of people take night showers too (that not only helps in keeping your skin clean but also provides relaxation to your body and enables a good sleep). If you are living in a hot and/or humid place, a night shower becomes a must. In fact, a shower is recommended after any activity that causes high levels of sweat to develop. It’s a very effective ‘acne skin care’ technique.

However, acne skin care is not about just showers. Acne skin care is also about wearing clean clothes and sleeping on clean pillows. Moreover, too tight clothes can cause sweat to accumulate quickly; so soft and comfortable cotton clothes are recommended, especially if you already have acne.  In the same sense, ‘acne skin care’ also advocates regular cleaning of your make-up brush and any equipment that you use on your body.

Besides that, you should also use a mild, water-soluble, oil-free and soap-free cleanser for keeping your face, neck and arms clean. Cleansing is the most important part of any acne skin care routine. Cleaners are the easiest and the most effective way of removing dirt, grease, pollutants and excess oil from your skin; thus reducing the probability of acne  occurrence.  Acne skin care also recommends removing your make up using a make up remover, and this should happen before you go to bed (not in the morning).

If you already have acne, do not try to touch them or squeeze them; it can lead to permanent scars. ‘Acne skin care’ advocates gentle cleansing and cleaning of the affected area using an over-the-counter medication and a clean/soft cotton pad. There are various acne skin care creams and lotions available over-the-counter (a lot of these acne skin care products are actually cleansers). However, if these ‘acne skin care’ measures don’t give you the desired results, contact a dermatologist for ‘acne skin care’ advice and treatment.

Acne PLR Article Sample #2

Article title: How Does Laser For Acne Scars Work

Although acne itself doesn’t always lead to scarring, the picking, scratching and squeezing of acne can cause permanent damage. The good news is that laser for acne scars is one treatment that can minimize their appearance.

The two primary categories of laser used on depressed acne are ablative (also referred to as resurfacing) and non-ablative.

Ablative lasers are the most traditionally used but also the most potentially harmful. These types of lasers literally destroy the outer layers of the skin. They burn away scar tissue which triggers the dermal collagen to tighten. This in turn reduces the amount of scar visibility. This treatment causes the affected area to be very red, sensitive, and painful until the skin fully heals. And full healing can take anywhere from several months up to a year so it is important to take care of the wounded area and take measures to prevent infection. This is done with soaks, antibiotic ointment, and dressings. The skin that does grow back lacks acne scars or wrinkles. The ultrapulsed carbon dioxide laser and erbium YAG laser are most often used in laser resurfacing.

Nonablative lasers, in contrast, do no damage to the outer layer of skin. Instead, they diminish acne scars by stimulating collagen growth. While ablative laser treatment only needs to be done one time, the nonablative laser for acne scars must be repeated. Smoothbeam is the one of the newest FDA approved laser for this treatment. This targets and heats the sebaceous gland to reduce sebum which can lead to acne formation. When the collagen is heated, the dermis tightens and scarring is less visible.

Raised acne scars (called keloids & hypertrophic scars) require a different type of laser: the pulsed dye laser (PDL). Treatment with a PDL can help reduce the itch and pain, diminish the color, and flatten a raised scar. The PDL involves the use of a concentrated beam of light that targets blood vessels in the skin. The light converts to heat and destroys the blood vessel while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. The laser is considered especially safe because it uses yellow light which results in no long-term skin damage. PDL treatments usually take only a few minutes and no anesthesia is required. Improving the appearance hypertrophic scars or keloids may take multiple appointments. Although minimal, the most common side effect of this type of treatment is bruising. However, this usually clears within 3-10 days. Temporary pigmentary changes may also occur but they generally last only a few weeks. At least one month before getting treated with a PDL laser, you should apply Sunblock to the affected area. Tanned skin actually blocks the light of the laser and increases the chances of side effects. Scarring is extremely rare with this laser.

The above information about laser for acne scars does not substitute medical advice given by a health professional.


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