How To Start A Coaching Business (Personal Use Only)

how to start a coaching business

How To Start A Coaching Business Step-by step Guide

Discover How To Start Your Own High-Ticket Coaching Business And Charge Premium Prices For Your Advice And Guidance!

how to start a coaching business


Coaching Authority is a guide to starting your own coaching business online. This book will give you the information and the tools that you need to start your own coaching business, and detail some of the ways that you can set it up so that you can be successful.

What This Book Will Teach You

The goal of this book is to give you the tools that you need to become a life coach over the internet. The first couple of chapters deal with one-on-one coaching and group coaching using face-to-face, personal sessions, and the others deal with coaching over the internet and some of the important aspects of coaching. Here are some things that you will learn from this book.

Below are more information that you are about to learn:

Chapter 1: Coaching Can Be An Added Benefit for Your Customers

Chapter 2: Individual One-on-One Coaching

Chapter 3: Group Coaching

Chapter 4: Facebook Coaching Groups

Chapter 5: Coaching via Email

Chapter 6: Video-Based Coaching

Chapter 7: Coaching Clients to a Higher Income

Chapter 8: How Much Money Can You Earn Coaching?

Chapter 9: Life Coaching on The Internet

Chapter 10: How to Promote Your Online Coaching Business

Other tools included: 

 Point-by-point Checklist

 Resource Cheat Sheet


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