100 Loyalty Program Strategies (MRR eBook)

loyalty programs

100 Loyalty Program Strategies

This eBook will give you 100 customer loyalty strategies. It contains a ton of ways to reward your visitors, subscribers and customers for improving for business. You could reward them for visiting your website, subscribing to your ezine, downloading your free software, etc.

You can award them with redeemable loyalty points, discount offers, coupons, gift certificates, etc. It will increase your profits by persuading people to buy your products with their loyalty discounts.

Here are 5 Loyalty Program Strategies from the eBook:

loyalty programs

1) Reward prospects with loyalty points. It could be for people watching your video. It can allure them to buy your ebook.

2) Give leads discount credits. It might be for prospects volunteering their expertise/service. It may alter them to purchase your print report.

3) Provide visitors with savings dollars. It can be for leads visiting your blog. It might appeal them to order your ezine.

4) Supply customers with redeemable cash. It may be for visitors viewing your presentation. It could arouse them to invest in your articles.

5) Reward people with pretend money. It could be for customers viewing your pictures/photos. It can assert them to buy your membership site.

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