100 Joint Venture Marketing Secrets (MRR eBook)

joint venture marketing

Joint Venture Marketing Secrets

This eBook will give you 100 joint venture marketing secrets. It includes tons of ways for persuading joint venture partners and super affiliates to promote your product or service.

You’ll have all kinds of successful ideas for writing joint venture proposals, creating affiliate sign-up pages/blogs, picking affiliate contest prizes and much more.

Here are 5 Joint Venture Marketing Secrets from the eBook:

joint venture marketing

1) Write that your JV partners will get 50% per sale. Many people will accept your affiliate offer by you saying that they could win a vacation. Plus you could post that your JV page has brandable ebooks and they’ll have 10 ways to make commissions.

2) Voice up that your affiliates could earn 75% per click. Almost all the people will sign up to your JV deal via you stating that the affiliate with the most sales wins a cruise. Also, you might add that your reseller blog includes fill-in-the-blank classified ads and promoting the prelaunch is the easiest way to make sales.

3) Upload that your resellers may make 60% per sign up. Plenty of people will promote your reseller proposal through you revealing that they have the chance to win a laptop. Furthermore, you can advertise that your joint venture website contains tested eCourses and they’ll see 100’s of emails when it launches.

4) Unveil that your referral marketers would be paid 55% per customer. Various people will agree to your joint venture opportunity from you reporting that affiliates could win an antique car. And you may allot that your affiliate account has info-insertable forum posts and the rebate offer will seal the deal on their sales.

5) Uncover that your JV entrepreneurs might land 80% per lead. Tons of people will advertise your commission invitation with you rendering that winning the affiliate contest gets you a sports car. Still you should announce that your JV area includes plug-in blog posts and this sales letter has over 15 testimonials.

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